5 Tips to Avoid Back Pain at Work

The incorrect postures that we usually adopt during the long working days when we sit in front of the computer can have serious consequences for our back. Therefore, knowing how to sit and how to strengthen the muscles that support all the weight in this situation is essential if we want to avoid major injuries. In this post, we give you some advice to avoid suffering back pain at work and the advantages of maintaining a good physical condition to enjoy a healthy back.

The first step we have to take when our back hurts and we have decided to put a solution to it is to learn to identify the real origin of this discomfort. There are back pains that can be interpreted as signs of fatigue when in reality it is a potential back injury that can become complicated. It is at this point that one must go to a Physical Activity and Health professional to help us learn the proper form and exercises to prevent this injury and strengthen the muscles. At Sano Center, we have a team of qualified and experienced personal trainers who will study your case and configure a specific training program to fit your needs.

Back pain is something that happens to many people and can affect different aspects of their daily lives. It can become a real problem that does not allow you to properly enjoy even the simplest activities. In fact, it is one of the most likely causes of sick leave, going on for more than 70 days a year for those over 55, with a greater impact on women. But there is a solution, you just have to take it seriously and follow these tips below:

5 tips to avoid back pain at work

  • Take into account the type of work you do: it is important that you analyze what movements you make at work, which muscles are involved, which part of the body you use most and how you do it, or which posture you usually maintain.
  • Follow a specific training plan: after analyzing your work activity and checking your weak points, your personal trainer will design an exercise program to strengthen the muscles and damaged areas, work on postural hygiene…
  • Walk every day: standing for many hours without moving or sitting can cause circulation problems in the legs and a muscle imbalance. Therefore, doing cardiovascular exercise will help you maintain correct circulation and balance the unbalanced muscles.
  • Take active breaks: some people blame their back pain on the chair and sit for almost the entire 8 hours of the working day. Spending most of the time sitting shortens the posterior muscles, causing them to pull on the pelvis and this, in turn, drags on the lumbar spine. On some occasions, if this situation continues, alterations such as protrusions and disc herniation may occur. Click here to find out how you can improve your quality of life if you have a protruded or herniated disc.
  • Eliminate Stress: Many of the physical problems we suffer from today are due to stress and nerves. The pressure at work, excessive workloads… all these factors have a negative influence on our body and strain our muscles, causing us discomfort and subsequent injuries. That’s why you have to breathe, take it easy and slow down a bit. Your physical and mental well-being will thank you for it.

Having a healthy and strong back is in your hands, you just have to follow the guidelines for not suffering back pain at work that we have indicated and go to your nearest Sano center to start strengthening your muscles as soon as possible.