Players are asking to leave the first April joke in Minecraft forever.

On Fool’s Day, Mojang studio published a special update for Minecraft called Snapshot 20w14.

The game has an opportunity to create new worlds based on any text. You need to write something in your book and enter the portal. The game takes the user to unique lands, created based on what we reported to the virtual paper. The generated world can be shared with other players – enough for another person to write the same text in the book as we did.

Bytecraft is simple texture pack with 8×8 resolution, which will reduce lags and make the game more productive, allowing you to comfortably play Mincraft on older computers and give a small advantage in PvP battles.

The Minecraft community liked the idea so much that many fans wanted the opportunity to leave it in the game. For example, a Twitter message from Triple a Frog user asking Mojang Studio to go to the community collected over 5.2 thousand likes and 1.6 thousand retweets.

Update 20w14 is available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To launch it, you need to select the “Settings” tab and tick the “Snapshots” option.