What do Women Look for when They Paint Their Lips Red?

The color red for lips, which was already used in Egyptian culture, has today become a weapon of seduction

The color red has become one of the weapons of seduction that has managed to cross the barriers of time. This lip tone is synonymous with sensuality and femininity, but when did it start to be used?

Already in the tombs of the Egyptians were found drawings that showed the use of bold colors in the lips with the intention of imitating the color of fleshy and red lips, a sign of good blood circulation and good health.

The use of red or strong colors on the lips has been the recurrent object of studies that interpret the signals they transmit or the therapeutic powers they possess for the women who wear them. For the former, women who wear red do so to look younger and be the focus of the opposite sex’s attention; they relate it to the ancestral concept of fertility (young, red lips).

However, studies on the therapeutic properties of lip red indicate that its use involves feeling attractive, strong and safe and making oneself visible to others. For these same reasons, there are women who feel intimidated by a red or even by those who use it and claim that they don’t use it because it doesn’t suit them or because it doesn’t suit their mood and they don’t want to attract attention either.

The truth is that many therapists say that women who wear red lips show boldness and a high degree of emotional maturity to manage the attention they generate; but there are also many teenagers who wear it because it implies a sign of emancipation and the conviction that you can be anyone you want at any age.

Yves Saint Laurent launched its legendary Rouge Pur Couture lipstick almost 40 years ago and today wants to pay tribute to one of its most iconic products by claiming the powers that “red lipstick” brings to any woman.

Now, for two weeks Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is opening the doors of the first ephemeral boutique of its brand in Spain from October 26th to November 8th at 43 Fuencarral Street, Madrid from 11am to 9 pm.

This store aims to pay tribute to red lips and break down the barriers that many women have to use it, thanks to the advice of make-up artists and learning new make-up techniques. Experts will analyze the skin tone and personal features of the participants and help them discover the color that suits them best. In addition, the most daring will have the experience of learning the technique of making lipstick in a way that makes them look perfect. A new resource to look good in photos. All the photos taken in the photocall will be entered into a competition.

This tribute to lip-red coincides with the campaign starring Cara Delevingne, an ambassador for YSL Beauté. The campaign can be seen on giant canvases in many Spanish cities, where the model and actress appear in a very daring pose dressed simply in lip-red and a black blazer. An image that will not leave anyone indifferent. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)